How Beard Guard came into existence

Beard Guard was formed out of a need I had. About 3 years ago when I first started growing my beard, I would go to sleep and wake up with my beard flattened. It bothered me and someone mentioned to me that there should be a bonnet for beards. We discussed the basic concept of but it was never executed, until one day something sparked inside of me and I said to myself "you need to do this and stop playing." And the birth of the greatest invention was created. 

Beard Guard is a multi-purpose beard bonnet which you can also use while you're eating to keep food out your beard, wear while cooking so that hair does not get into your food. If you do construction, are a painter, a plumber, a chef, or mechanic with a beard the Beard Guard will keep your beard moisturized while at the same time protecting it from the elements that may harm it. If you are fashion forward you can also wear it as part of your ensemble if you want.