Beard Tips

Steaming can be one of the best things you do for your beard. If you have low porosity hair or have a beard that's thirsty and soaks everything up so quickly a steamer is a great investment. Steaming helps reduce tangling, reduce breakage, adds moisture, and adds shine to your beard. Depending on your beard type and what you need you can steam once a week, every 2 weeks, or once a month really all depends on your needs and your beard. So overall steaming is great for your beard and really something to add to your beard regiment especially if you deal with a dry beard.


I personally don't believe there's a magic pill or solution to make your beard grow. It's either you can or you can't. Now I do believe that if you are able to grow a beard taking the right vitamins and coming up with the proper beard care regiment will help. Along with that you must be patient and consistent to really see results. Unfortunately we are in a time where people want immediate results and while for some people it may seem easy and effortless to grow their beard it may not be the case for everyone. For some of us we must be patient and allow our beard to go through it's natural phase. Let it grow out naturally and and trust the process. Also be consistent with your beard regiment. Develop a plan for night routine and day a day routine. Get on a wash schedule and be consistent with the products you use. You may not see immediate results but over time with proper care you will see them and notice a difference with your beard. So please be patient and be consistent with your beard.



You may notice that your pik/comb may not go through your beard as smoothly as it once did. Don't be upset about this it's a good thing. What it means is your beard is growing and now you have to get a new pik/comb with wider teeth.

The reason this is important is so that you won't pull on your beard causing breakage. Breakage is never good which is you pulling your beard from the roots not to be confused with shedding which is natural. It will also allow you to properly detangle your beard and get it to you how you want it to look. Wooden piks/combs are preferable cause they are smoother on your beard and does not pull on it.



Every beard is different and what works on one beard won't necessarily work on another beard. Once you use a product pay attention to how your beard feels and if you like it. Also wait at least a month to see if you'll see results because results are not always immediate they may take some time to notice. So sadly it may take some trial and error before you find the right routine and the right products. While you're in the middle of that process pay attention to what your beard feels like and the outcome. 


Proper storage of your beard products is important. Wherever you keep them be sure they stay away from extreme heat or extreme cold. These elements especially the heat can ruin your products. The properties that make them effective can be destroyed and they won't work the same anymore, even the smell won't be the same. So make sure they stay away from sunlight or the heater. Keep them in a cool dry place where they can't get wet or won't be too hot or too cold.


If you have issues with keeping your beard moisturized use a Beard Guard. Beard Guards are lined with satin which is one of the best materials for your beard. It helps lock in the moisture from your shower and the products that you have used. Your beard oil and butter/balm also help to seal in moisture but with your beard exposed to the elements it can still dry out. The Beard Guard protects your beard from all elements allowing the moisture to stay in and it won't evaporate. Thus making your beard softer and easier to manager.